Corporate Training Programs

The bottom line is — The Bottom Line!

This specialized corporate sales training is designed specifically to help your team of sales professionals realize dramatically improved results.  Your staff will experience a wide array of new sales strategies guaranteed to boost profits.  These new tools will make an immediate difference in the overall performance of the staff.

An important part of all of our trainings is personal development.  What is the use of learning new tools if you are too afraid to pick up the phone to call potential clients?  We use advanced technologies to help remove various fears, phobias, and other issues that often block success.  The personal development alone will increase sales and is worth the price of admission.

We have both single day events and two day events, and have programs to fit your specific staff.  Whether you have a small insurance agency with 5 sales professionals, or a large company with several hundred account executives, we can tailor a program specifically for your needs.

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Executive Training Programs

Do you need to become a better public speaker?  Do you require media training and how to handle being interviewed by the press?  Work with Emmy Award winning television journalist Michael Peak to help improve your professional presence.  Everything from on-camera training to speaking before a large audience.

This is executive level training, for the professional who needs personalized attention.  In addition to speaking and media training, all of the strategies offered in the corporate trainings are available.

Become the comfortable and confident face of your company.  Call today to book an appointment.